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Online Spanish courses and learn Spanish quickly and easily

The online Spanish courses that we offer all year round, from wherever you are in the world, have the advantage of being available whenever you want and of saving you a lot of time.We have developed our own methodology which...


Internships in Chile with jobs in hospitality management

One of the best ways to find a job in Chile is working in a hotel. You can enjoy your time in Chile, learning Spanish and be immersed in this fantastic paid internship.  We have internship placements all over Chile not...


Learn Spanish in a multicultural environment

Every week, our school welcomes students from all continents. Our Spanish courses are divided according to our students’ levels. Therefore, every Monday, our groups receive new members who complete them and bring new experiences.This week we have received very motivating feedback at our Instituto Hemingway in Bilbao.Jacques Deligny (43 years old) a B1 level student, member of a foundation which dedicates itself to the integration of youths in risk of social exclusion. He...


Learn Spanish with internships in Peru.

One of the best ways of finding a job in Peru is in a hotel.With our paid internships in hotels you can learn Spanish whilst you are working; it will be the ideal way to enjoy a totally immersive experience in...


Internships: our French interns´ experience

We are three girls who came from France together, to carry out our internship at Instituto Hemingway for a month. We started the internship on the 24th of November and we will be here until the 19th of December 2014. How did you find this internships program?As part of our two year school course it is compulsory to do two...


Internship positions in the hospitality industry in Colombia.

. One of the best ways of finding a job in Colombia is by working in a hotel. With our paid internships in hotels you can learn Spanish whilst you are working; it will be the ideal way to enjoy a...


Internships in Argentinian Hotels

Una de las mejores formas de encontrar un trabajo en Argentina es trabajando en un hotel. Con nuestras prácticas remuneradas en hoteles puedes aprender español mientras trabajas; será la forma ideal de disfrutar de una inmersión total en la cultura...


Hospitality management paid internship program in Mexico

One of the best places to find a job in Mexico is working in a hotel. You can enjoy your time in Mexico, learn Spanish in Mexico and be immersed in this fantastic paid internship in Mexico. We have internship placements all over Mexico not only as a waiter or waitress in restaurants but also internships in culinary arts in Mexico. You will discover this magical country, meet new international friends, upgrade your resume and have a...


A basic hospitality course and a Spanish online course

Do you want to prepare yourself to work in the hospitality sector or to carry out an internship in hotels but you do not have time to attend an in-person course?Fortunately cursos de español online offers you a solution: our Spanish courses online based on the hospitality industry.The course is divided into seven teaching units with a total duration of 40 hours and all the questions related to the hospitality...


Learn Spanish with business internships in the hotel industry: 5 key reasons

Learning Spanish whilst doing internships in one of the companies we collaborate with is the best option for your CV.1.- Specific Spanish course, adapted to your level, aimed at your needs and with complementary activities that introduce you to the...


We offer a selection of Spanish schools that offer great Spanish courses in Spain at reasonable price. Our Quality Spanish courses are accredited by Instituto Cervantes.

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