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Learning Spanish while staying in touch with your teacher.

Practicing Spanish is fundamental in order to improve; practicing with a native person is essencial and it is even better if the latter is a teacher. As a teacher I find it very gratifying to stay in touch with my ex students. On the last day of class I give them my email address, and some of them write me. It is totally informal and of their own accord. At first, after having recently had this linguistic experience in Spain, they feel nostalgic and write me. But little by little, they start writing les often and end up not practising anymore.

After our face-to-face courses at" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">"> Instituto Hemingway, we give our students the possibility of carrying on with their training in their home countries via internet.

If" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">">internet.

If students want to keep improving, this is the right time to think about a long-distance course.

The students can choose different options (course according to their level or individual hours) but they will always have the support of their teacher as well as having access to new material through the virtual platform, thanks to their student profile. During the support" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">">support classes via Skype, they can choose to carry on working on the same book they had during the face-to-face classes, or they can ask their teacher to help them with aspects they find particularly difficult.

What better than having a teacher just for you? Can you imagine carrying on with your Spanish studies from home, in your home country, and prolong the experience you had in Spain?

Don’t hesitate to ask for information and keep studying Spanish!

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Hi Carol!
Nice to meet you!
Teaching courses over the internet makes a lot of sense. I found Skype to be very useful for keeping in touch with my family when I was in Spain last year. It must be nice to be able to use technology to teach students from a distance. We do quite a few distance courses at my university, but most are over a dedicated video system. As far as I know we are not using Skype yet, but it may only be a matter of time.

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