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This week we have received very motivating feedback at our Instituto Hemingway in Bilbao.

Jacques Deligny (43 years old) a B1 level student, member of a foundation which dedicates itself to the integration of youths in risk of social exclusion. He told us in his satisfaction survey that the most interesting part of his Spanish course was to learn alongside people whose cultures are very diverse. He pointed out that he most admired his two Chinese classmates who are 17 and 19 years old because of their remarkable efforts, and he thought they were very brave.

Jacques was accepted straight away in a very diverse group of students in terms of nationality, age and motivations, and although he was only here for a week, his experience was very valuable.

His Spanish course has helped him to clarify some doubts, expand his vocabulary, consolidate his knowledge of the use of the imperative, and gave him the opportunity to practice speaking amongst other things (one week with 20 hours well taken advantage of). But what he values the most are his classmates; this comment makes us very happy.

Elena (from Russia, English teacher, joyous and optimistic), Jinyi (from China, student interested in gastronomy), Jane (from Kenya, charity nun, generous and affectionate), Wiebke (from Germany, student and adventurer), and Jini (from China, student and soon to be a great swimmer), I am sure will miss Jacques a lot.

It is such a pleasure to work with this kind of people.

If you want to learn Spanish and have a cultural experience full of good moments, do not hesitate to contact us through schoolsandcourses.  

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