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Study Spanish in Tarragona

If you want to learn Spanish, today we present you with a very good option: The city of Tarragona.

Tarragona, founded by the Romans, is remarkable for its position next to the Mediterranean sea. Its climate will allow you to enjoy the beaches of the Golden Coast in the summer, to go swimming and sunbathe, as well as in the winter, to go for walks.

The people of Tarragona are very open and friendly, and since they are used to tourism they are very attentive and will always be willing to help visitors. As good Mediterraneans, they are warm and their curiosity towards newcomers will be very useful when it comes to your practicing your Spanish.

If you like leisure and culture, this is the city for you; as it is near natural parks, you can organize trips and routes in its surroundings. You can enjoy the theme park Port Aventura with shows from all continents and the highest roller coaster in all of Europe, and you can lose yourself in the area’s roman museums as well as its modern ones.

Tarragona is barely one hour away from Barcelona with a good combination of trains and buses which will connect you to the latest trends and bring you to the forefront of sports, art and culture.

To learn Spanish in our schools in Tarragona will open a great variety of possibilities. Do not hesitate to look into all your options and make the most of this little big city where, as the Romans said, Spring is always eternal.

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