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In this short blog post, we’ll answer your most frequently asked questions about our A2 Spanish conversation classes.

Who is this A2 Spanish conversation class aimed at?

The course is aimed at foreign students interested in strengthening and improving their Spanish through interaction with others or oral expression.

Will it help us prepare for the DELE exam?

Students of the Spanish language who are preparing for the DELE exam (Diploma of Spanish as a Foreign Language) will certainly benefit from this course. The students can consolidate and pick up new pieces of information required for their level.

What would the students be capable of doing once they finish the coure?

The students will be able to talk about simple and common matters such as activities and daily life. They will be able to flourish in brief social exchanges, although generaly they will understand enough to be able hold their own in a conversation.

How is the course structured?

The course is broken down into 12 units which consist of the most important communicative situations for the A2 beginner level. The student can revise at home by working on the texts and their accompanying self-assessments as well as on the complementary material offered. During the individual work part, the student has the option of writing to the teacher and their peers through the Virtual Classroom.

Following the individual work part, the course comes with 12 sessions of tutorials via Skype, GoogleTalk or the telephone, in which the student can talk to the teacher and play out the role plays (40 minutes per tutorial).

You will find more details on the Online Spanish courses here.

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