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Spanish teachers: 10 tips for your first class

As you may well know, one of our services is training Spanish as a foreign language teachers (ELE). But we also have courses aimed to help you throughout your career.

1. Punctuality is essential; our students of the Spanish language deserve respect, and your punctuality portrays you as serious and dependable.

2. You should introduce yourself, with a few details about your experience and your expectactions.

3. Showing interest in your students is key: ask them to briefly talk about themselves, detailing who they are, what their experience with Spanish has been like so far, and where they hope to reach.

4. Even if their level is very basic, you should insist on speaking in Spanish. You can revert to your common language, when it’s necessary to clear up situations, but you should not overuse it.

5. You should have a clear syllabus, which can you can present to your students. It is of the upmost importance to have a clear lesson plan (although you can later modify or adapt it).

6. It’s a good idea to encourage your students to speak in Spanish from day one, allowing them to familiarise themselves with the structures, despite their limitations.

7. You should know from top to bottom the information that you are going to use, prepare, work on and go over. This way you can avoid unpleasant surprises and invoke confidence in your abilities.

8. The whiteboard should have an ordered structure to it. Preparing outlines beforehand could be very useful, although you should not despair, because everything comes with practice.

9. You should apply what your students have learnt to the real world. This is vital to improving their Spanish.

10. You could end the class with a flourish by adopting a personal catchphrase. Mine is ’tomorrow: more and better.’ They could be a wish or a declaration of intention.

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