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Internships: The experiences of Eleni, Rodothea and Chloe

For a few weeks now, we’ve being playing host to Eleni, Rodothea and Chloe, who are here as part of European Internship’s placement scheme. Despite having only just come from Cyprus, they are now fully integrated, not only into their internship, but also into Spanish life.

Eleni studies history and archeology, while Rodothea and Chloe are training to become primary school teachers.

"For how long will you be in Bilbao?

We will be in  Bilbao from June to the end of August.

"How did you find this internship programme?"

Three girls who worked in the same company last year as part of the Erasmus programme, recommended the experience to us. They told us that as well as working, they did interesting and creative things such as guided excursions around Bilbao and its neighbouring cities, cuisine tours and other cultural activities.

They explained to us that they did a range of tasks. They would write articles, make promotional videos etc. Moreover, they told us that Bilbao is full of things to do, and is home to cultural and musical events, the theatre, cinema etc.

They had so many good things to say about the company and about the city, that we decided to come here.

"What types of activities do you do in the company?"

As part of our internship, we are helping organise and carry out different activities, such as the excursions with the students around the city, we write and translate articles, and shortly, we will begin to record different promotional videos.

"Is this your first time in the working world or have you done other internships before?"

It is not our first time working. We have worked in different types of companies.

"What do you hope to achieve from the European Internships program?"

We hope to achieve many things, but primarily, we would like to improve our Spanish. We would also like to explore Spanish culture and cuisine, as well as the history of the city and its people.

We are hoping to be able to strengthen our communication skills and creativity.

We would like to go back more responsible, having learnt how to take the initiative and manage different situations.

And lastly, we would like to travel around Spain, and visit other cities in the near future, allowing us to explore the world.

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