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Internships: Ela and Fatma’s experience

During the last few weeks, we have played host to Fatma and Ela who are here as part of the Internships in Spanish Companies programme. Coming from France, they are now fully settled, not only in the company, but also in Spanish life.

They are both studying to become Assistant Managers.

"How long will you be in Bilbao for?"

We will be in Bilbao from the 31st May until 5th July.

"How did you find out about this internship programme?"

Our teacher recommeded this internship programme to us. After we had done some research about the company and the city, we decided to come here.

"What type of tasks do you at the company?"

Part of our job involves translating articles into French, preparing guides and promotional material aimed at new students in different languages, and soliciting more material from the tourism office so as to replenish our stock.

"Is this your first time in the working world or have you done other internships before?"

No, we have already done various internships during the course of our studies. But, this is the first time that we are working in a foreign country.

"What do you hope to achieve during this internship?"

We would like to discover more about the Spanish culture and the history of the city and its people. In particular, we would like to do another internship in another country next year as we love exploring new cultures and learning new languages.

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