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Language school Internship: Anjie´s experience.

Anjie  has participated in our company internship program in Bilbao.  In this short interview she tells us what her experience was like.

Hi Anjie!; what do you do in your daily life?

I study history and Spanish at a university in England. My studies include a compulsory year abroad.

Why did you choose Bilbao?

I chose Bilbao because my university had a list of possible jobs with different contacts in Spain and the profiles of the companies in Bilbao seemed very attractive to me.

What has surprised you most about Bilbao?

I did not know about Bilbao before and initially I was worried that they would speak more Euskera than Spanish in the city. But I have had no problem; the locals are very nice especially when they see that you are foreign and that you are learning Spanish.  The fact that you are asking and worrying about your pronunciation catches their attention a lot.

What is the best thing about your top experience in Spain?

After this experience I am able to say that I have improved my Spanish and that I have developed my employment skills working in the front office of one of the best language schools in Bilbao.

Apart from working in this language school, what else have you done in your free time?

I have lived in Spain for more than 9 months and I have spent this time exploring/ discovering the north. Saint John of Gaztelugatxe, the Painted Wood, Vitoria, Castro Urdiales, Gijón, Oviedo, Santander, Comillas,  Cabárceno park.I can definitely say that the north is beautiful and that it has loads of interesting things to offer.

What is the first thing that you will do when you get back to your country?

When I return to England , I am going to show my friends the wonder that is kalimotxo!

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