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The efficacy of the teaching methods in our Spanish schools

Whilst studying my degree in teaching English as a foreign language I learnt a lot about different teaching strategies and methods. I worked on how to create a good classroom atmosphere. On arriving in Spain I have been very interested in examining how the teaching methods , that I studied, are applied in teaching Spanish.

In this article I am going to examine the teaching methods and the reasons why Spanish students should choose our courses. I am going to refer to my experiences in teaching and in learning Spanish to continue outlining the efficacy of the courses in our schools.

The first element to be analysed is the size of the classes. During my experience teaching in Peru I often had to control classes of 30 students. From my point of view as a teacher I cannot give each student the individual attention they deserve.

Furthermore, this number makes group activities more difficult. In our schools the maximum number of students is 10 which means that all the students know each other and the teachers can foster a rapport not only with each student but also with the whole class.

Another important teaching strategy is the relationship between the teachers and the students.

During my observations of English as a foreign language classes I have noted the strong bond between the teachers and the students.  This bond creates  a very relaxed classroom atmosphere between the participants who respond positively to the activities. I have noted that here the relationship between the students and teachers continues outside the classes. The teachers are ready to support the students in the classes as well as in their daily lives doing intercambios, accompanying them on tasks and interacting with them.

Our schools also recognise that learning Spanish should not be restricted to the classes. Assimilating vocabulary by going out of the class to visit museums and to practise oral communication is fundamental. Through our centres´ free cultural excursions, such as visits to bars to eat pintxos (basque tapas), the students can take advantage of  totally immersive experiences practising their Spanish in a very authentic environment learning more and more vocabulary.

It is worth mentioning the importance of private classes. Last year I gave some private classes to a student from Kazakhstan. This type of teaching is very flexible. You can adapt your methods not only to the styles of learning but also to the needs of each student.

In conclusion, in this article we have analysed the reasons why you need to choose a Spanish course with us. Our language schools offer courses totally based on the students. If you want to fully develop your potential sign up for our Spanish courses and you are going to improve your Spanish immediately. 

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