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Spanish courses and wine tasting

Do you like wine? Do you want to learn Spanish in Spain?

If the response to these two question is yes we have a perfect opportunity for you.

With a Spanish course with SchoolsandCourses you can study Spanish in the mornings and in the afternoon you can take advantage of cultural excursions that we are organising at different Spanish wineries.

SchoolsandCourses have accredited language schools  the length and breadth of Spain. At SchoolsandCoursees we offer you flexible courses with good value for money.

All of our teachers are highly qualified and some of them speak multiple languages. The feared linguistic barrier will not give you any problem.

All the teaching material is included in the price of the course as well as the free cultural excursions.

After classes you will be able to take advantage of the rich gastronomic culture of Spain. You will become very experienced in the production of wines observing the whole process with your own eyes.

In our Spanish courses we also offer the possibility of experiencing a wine tasting under the supervision of our expert sommeliers.  These activities are very popular because you learn a lot about the production of the wines, their origins, composition, flavours, etc.

These activities provide you with the opportunity to get to know your classmates better and to extend your specific vocabulary on the topic of wines.

If you want to learn Spanish and at the same time enjoy these activities and others sign up to a Spanish course with a SchoolsandCourses’ school.

We guarantee that you will not regret it. 

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