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Internships in Argentinian Hotels

Una de las mejores formas de encontrar un trabajo en Argentina es trabajando en un hotel. Con nuestras prácticas remuneradas en hoteles puedes aprender español mientras trabajas; será la forma ideal de disfrutar de una inmersión total en la cultura latina.

We have internships throughout Argentina in cooking positions (kitchen assistants, culinary arts etc) as well as positions related to customer service: ushers, bartenders, assistant maître d’, waiter etc.) With these paid internships
you are going to be able to learn about Argentina´s history, culture
and typical food and without a doubt you will improve your Spanish.

These internships in Argentina are going to give you good work experience whilst improving your personal development.

paid internships programs guarantee you a placement in the best hotels
and restaurants in Argentina. Accommodation, meals and a stipend which
will cover your personal expenses are included.  You are going to earn
enough to cover your living expenses.

During these programs
interns work for 35 to 40 hours a week with one day completely free. The
types of internships you can do will depend on your level of Spanish
and your previous work experience.
We can place you in a reception, theatre, and kitchen or bar etc.

Although our headquarters are in Spain we work throughout Latin America.

not hesitate to contact us; we have the best hotel internships
educational program with the best value for money. It is the best way to
travel independently and to learn Spanish with a low-cost stay in

We always guarantee you a job in our Hotels Internships Program
you will be able to choose between several options; if you are
considering this option but you unsure of your level of Spanish we
recommend that you start by doing a Spanish course, but do not worry we
can provide you with our interesting online courses tailored to hotel
management so that you do not miss a single second of your internship.

Our paid internship programs in Argentinian hotels are
reasonably priced. Do not hesitate and contact us, it is as easy as
sending us your C.V./ résumé, the application form and the enrolment fee
(100 € / US$120) in  a maximum of three weeks you can begin your paid
internship in one of our hotels.

Learning Spanish in Argentina whilst you are working: it is your best option. Do not hesitate and contact us.

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