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Internships in Chile with jobs in hospitality management

One of the best ways to find a job in Chile is working in a hotel. You can enjoy your time in Chile, learning Spanish and be immersed in this fantastic paid internship.
We have internship placements all over Chile not only as a waiter or waitress in restaurants but also internships in culinary arts.  

You will discover this magical country, meet new international friends, upgrade your resume and have a memorable paid internship in Chile improving your Spanish. 

This internship in Chile will give you the best time of your life, enjoying a job in Chile in one of the best placements ever to learning Spanish and Chilean cuisine.
Our Paid Jobs program guarantees a placement in a top restaurant/hotel in Chile. Accommodation, meals and pocket money are included. You will earn enough to cover basic expenses and also enjoy your free time. You will work on average 35-40 hours per week and you will have one day off. 

The type of position will depend on your level of Spanish, experience in the hospitality management industry and dates. Generally speaking you can work either in a restaurant, in the kitchen or even reception.

Although we have our headquarters in Spain we place students all over Latin America. We have an excellent program with a good quality-price relationship which is ideal for people who travel independently and who just want to improve their Spanish with a low-cost stay in this country. 

We do guarantee placement but not location. We also recommend that you take at least 2 weeks of Spanish courses prior to your placement. We have great prices and fantastic packages!

If you want to apply, please send us your resume + application form+application fee of Euros 100 (US$120)  and  in 3 weeks max we can place you in a paid internship in Chile.  

Please email us for more information

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