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Reviews of Spanish Schools in Spain

When it comes to choosing a Spanish school in Spain future students really take into account the reviews of former students. In our experience we know that when you choose an intensive Spanish course the number one decision you make is generally about the city. After that you choose the Spanish school when it should be the other way round if your priority is to learn Spanish in a good school.  Therefore the more widely marketed a city is the more students and tourists a school will receive.   The idea that we can have more confidence and security if the city is more internationally recognised or if we have been there before often turns out to be wrong. Why not choose a small and less well known city or a small school with very reduced class sizes?  The experience is going to be more authentic and you will be able to live in a city with fewer foreign tourists which is therefore a much better place to learn Spanish.  In this sense the fact that you have friends or family living in a city popular with  foreign tourists acts like a magnet attracting you to this type of city as you want to go where other people have gone to get the same experience.  Sometimes this means that you will speak your native language more than Spanish. We offer something different when it comes to choosing a Spanish school. First of all, it is possible to look for a city that  is not very well known and that has an international airport. Then find a Spanish school which is accredited  by an organisation such as the Instituto Cervantes. This organisation accredits the quality of the courses and you will therefore have a unique experience learning accurate Spanish. Spanish school reviews are very varied and they deal with several factors but if you are interested in our Spanish school you can see our reviews on the Internet or you can contact us.

There is no other more effective way to learn Spanish than to attend a Spanish school and in this case one in Spain. Learning a language always requires time, money and effort. Over these 16 years we have received a lot of reviews on our Spanish school, with most of them being extremely positive. Statistically it is very difficult to achieve 100 percent but this is the goal which we are striving for and we are trying to improve day after day.  Find a good city where you can learn Spanish and after you have finished, your review of our Spanish schools in Spain will help others make their choice.

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We offer a selection of Spanish schools that offer great Spanish courses in Spain at reasonable price. Our Quality Spanish courses are accredited by Instituto Cervantes.

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