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Walking the Camino de Santiago

If  you are going to do or you have done the Camino de Santiago and you want to form part of an association which promotes this experience in your city we suggest that you become a Spanish and Camino promotional representative in your city.

You could choose a bar or restaurant to meet up with fellow representatives, members of the promotional association and people who are interested in the Camino or in learning Spanish arranging to gather there once a month after consulting with the owner. To belong to our Camino and Spanish promotional association you must pay an enrolment fee of 100 euros or dollars. In other countries this fee will be determined according to the purchasing power of each country.

As a representative you will not pay anything and you will get 25% commission  on each new enrolment.  The renewable contract lasts for a year.

You will not just tell people about the Camino de Santiago, the different Camino de Santiago tours and the Camino de Santiago guide but also everything about your experience and that of the members of the promotional association with exhibitions,  talks and lectures ,etc. If you like relating to people, marketing , Spanish and travelling you could be the ideal person for the role.

As a member of this promotional association you will need to  organise Spanish classes, language exchanges, salsa and flamenco dancing, wine tasting and events  to promote Spanish cooking together with the association´s headquarters. If a tourist visits your city and has connections with the association( a former or potential. walker or a person interested in learning Spanish) you will be able to offer your services as a guide at a special price established by you or a member of the association.

This type of promotional activity will be carried out via different Internet channels and it will be  organised by the association.

You can also get extra money by organising Camino de Santiago packages such as Camino de Santiago walking tours throughout Spain. You will also get  25% commission on the packages you sell which is the percentage you will receive for any other type of program which allows you to attract customers to Spain.

This opportunity to promote Spain and the Camino de Santiago is unique and you can work with us directly by attracting new customers to and generally promoting the Camino de Santiago walking tours and Spanish courses etc.

Please get in contact with us for more information and if you have any questions.

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