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Spanish as a foreign language teacher training course: Spanish for specific purposes

We have just launched a 10 hour course on teaching Spanish for specific purposes: Spanish for business, Spanish law ...It consists of general teacher training for Spanish as a Second Language, but it also focuses on a second stage of competence and teacher development. It’s aimed at all those interested in learning more about teaching Spanish for specific purposes: business, tourism, law, medicine. The participants can also pick up more knowledge, competence, techiques and basic skills necessary to be able to teach Spanish sactisfactorily.

We will answer questions such as "how do I analyse the specific needs of our students", "how do we design a Spanish program for specific needs?", "what are the communicative activities of the language that the students must be able to learn?", "how do we plan a lesson for commercial Spanish, Spanish for law or for tourism", etc.

The syllabus will mostly focus on:

. What Spanish for specific purposes (EFE) is

. EFE teachers: profile and roles

. An analysis of people’s needs

. Designing a program of EFE

. Vocabulary

. The Sociocultural aspect

As you may already know, you can sign up for the course at any time during the year; it’s an online course spanning 10 hours that are structured into two modules or lessons specially designed to make it easier for the student to take in the materia. Each module consists of examples that enrich the content and illustrate the dynamics of learning in the classroom.

The whole course takes place on a computer app that allows you to download the course contents and contact your tutor so that you can clear up any doubts and ask any questions. You will be able to find all course materials, such as lessons and practical aspects and an intuitive communications system for you and your tutor in the app. In the practice section, you will find activities to do at your own pace, and you can question your tutor on any doubts you may encounter.

Every student will be assigned a tutor whom they can contact through the app. The virtual aspect of the course will make learning more convenient and easy. You can decide the pace you want to go at and the time you would like to take to complete the course and receive the certificate.

Don’t forget that our team of instructors are very highly qualified and have a wealth of experience in teaching, training Spanish as a Foreign Language teachers and in questions related to the Spanish language. You can also count on our experience as creators of educational material and speakers in seminars and conferences.

At the end of the course, you will be awarded a diploma which you can download from the app itself. In order to qualify for the certificate, you will need to satisfactorily complete the exercises that accompany the course, putting into practice what you have learnt.

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