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Face-to-face Spanish teacher training course in Bilbao: February March 2023; registration open now

We have now opened the enrolment period for the face-to-face Spanish Teachers' Course ELE. The course is in February or March and it takes place at our headquarters in Bilbao.For all those who like the idea of training to be...


Spanish teacher's course in Bilbao October 2021: Enrolment Now Open

We have now opened the enrolment period for the face-to-face Spanish Teachers' Course ELE. The course starts on October 18, 2020 and goes until the end of the year and it takes place at our headquarters in Bilbao. The enrolment period remains open during all of September. It is aimed at anyone interested in training as a teacher of Spanish as a foreign language. The course is offered either in the morning (09:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.) or...


Spanish Courses for DELE 2021 exams: Dates and prices of DELE exams

DELE Spanish certificates are the official qualification accrediting the degree of competence and mastery of the Spanish language, granted by Instituto Cervantes on behalf of the Spanish Ministry of Education and Vocational Training. The DELE exams cover all levels of CEFR...


Spanish schools resume activities

Spanish schools have resumed their activities in order to give their students Spanish classes, because this year they have still wanted to continue learning the language even though COVID-19 had materialized. After only a few months the virus has changedStudents that have come to different schools in Spain that are spread throughout the country have come with a mask on their mouth and a somewhat strange feeling knowing that this would be a different summer. The terraces, museums, and...


Internship experience in Spain in June 2019

We are Léa and Clémentine, two students of the IUT Marketing Techniques of Bordeaux (France). We did a 4-week internship in an Spanish school Spain. During the first week, we participate in Spanish courses with very friendly teachers who really...


Course & Test Preparation Course in Bilbao for CCSE in Bilbao for 2019

You can now do the Spanish citizenship test at the Instituto Hemingway in Bilbao. The Instituto Hemingway is a CCSE exam and course preparation centre in Bilbao. The test is done at our school in a double exam session the last Thursday of every month, at 18:00 and at 20:00. Here are the following exam sessions: - 29th November 2018 - 31th January 2019 - 28th February 2019 - 28th March 2019 - 25th April 2019 - 30th May...


Special Offers: Summer 2018: Spanish courses and Surf classes

Offer for summer 2018: Surf and Spanish course in the North of Spain! The summer sun is coming, which means the surfing season is just around the corner. What better country than Spain is there to catch some waves andAs you can see, our packages are flexible. The price includes all teaching materials. The equipment and board are included for the surf classes, as well as the supervision and guidance of our professional instructors. If you need accommodation, we...


Accredit your Spanish level to enter Spanish universities with SIELE certificates

At Closeteachers we help you to obtain your Spanish SIELE certificate. Our teachers can help you to prepare the exams so that you achieve the best score with individual and group classes. You can take the SIELE exam in many centersNow you can certify your level with the SIELE certificates. SIELE has already been admitted as a valid Spanish certificate to access the set of Spanish universities. And for Eramus students, there is good news. If you are an Erasmus student...


SPECIAL OFFER: New culinary arts course in Barcelona with Spanish classes

Your new life starts here! Our new course combines specific culinary training with high quality Spanish language classes. We present you very special course, absolutely new one, holistic one, that combines cooking training with the improvement and learning of the SpanishWhat does the course include? Throughout the specialised cooking course we will teach you new culinary trends, avant-garde cuisine, texturization, vacuum cooking, low temperature cooking and molecular cooking; you will learn oenology, sommelier and much more. The contents of the course...


Special offer: Spanish courses in schools and colleges throughout Spain

Spanish courses for school groups in Spain = Tailor made Spanish courses. Learn more; learn better while living in Spain with your classmates. We know that there is no better way to learn Spanish than to spend time in Spain.So we invite you to come to Spain and do a Spanish course here! Without doubt it is the best way to submerge yourself into both the culture and Spanish life. Are you not sure which city to visit? Do...


We offer a selection of Spanish schools that offer great Spanish courses in Spain at reasonable price. Our Quality Spanish courses are accredited by Instituto Cervantes.

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