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Schools & Courses group together different academic initiatives related to the learning of the Spanish language. We work through the following commercial brands and we offer:

  • Spanish course in Spain in Spanish schools at recognised prestigious Spanish courses at the house of the teacher. At Closeteachers we offer a selection of Spanish schools, which offer great Spanish courses at reasonable prices.
    We have Spanish courses in the most important cities throughout Spain: Barcelona, Madrid, Bilbao... with the possibility of combining intensive Spanish courses with cultural and leisure activities.
    We also offer Spanish classes at the teacher's home, aimed at those students who are looking for total immersion in Spanish. This service is available all over Spain and guarantees complete immersion and fast and easy learning while living with a Spanish teacher.

  • Spanish course online on the virtual classroom taught by bilingual tutors, Spanish with English mixed in for explanations. Classes on Skype. is a Virtual Classroom that offers courses related to the Spanish language. We provide courses aimed at those who wish to improve their knowledge of the Spanish language, as well as those who wish to be trained in Spanish didactics and improve their qualification as Spanish teachers. Myspanishcoursesonline all the contents are in both English and Spanish, in order to facilitate learning and text understanding. The courses offer the possibility of having tutorials on Skype that go well with the content in the Virtual Classroom.

  • Spanish language courses and Spanish teacher training online with a virtual classroom with optional Skype tutorials. At, we offer courses related to the Spanish language. The courses are aimed both at natives and Spanish students. For the natives, we offer courses related to the teaching of Spanish and courses aimed at greater understanding of the language. Also there are courses designed for ELE students. Each course comes with a tutor, teachers of Spanish or a specialist ELE teacher. Some of the courses include communicative Skype tutorials so that you can consult the topics directly with the tutor or to practice the language.

  • Internship programs and work experience in the Hospitality sector, restaurants and hotels, businesses and organisations of different sectors across the whole of Europe. These internships are a fantastic opportunity to enter the world of work with experience and practical training in a foreign company. For the participating companies, it is a good opportunity to recruit staff and to meet students of different nationalities. European Internships works with cities in all European countries thus giving you many options from which you can chose your program. The Hospitality internship program, allows students to develop their experience in this sector through working at hostels, restaurants, hotels and resorts.

Schools and Courses S.L. is a Limited Company listed on the Commercial Register of Álava, Book 1259, Section 8, Leaf:VI-213 with CIF: B01403567

We offer a selection of Spanish schools that offer great Spanish courses in Spain at reasonable price. Our Quality Spanish courses are accredited by Instituto Cervantes.

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