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European Internships

European Internship designs and delivers customized programs for individuals and groups who want to learn about other cultures by studying or working abroad.
Each program is structured to help you learn about the language, customs and lifestyles of the local people.

imgThese internships are a fantastic opportunity to enter the working world with experience and practical training in a foreign company. For the participating companies, it is a good opportunity to recruit staff and to meet students of different nationalities.

Getting to know a different culture, reinforcing your knowledge of other languages and gaining business language for your specialist sector are good reasons to seize this fantastic opportunity to gain a truly unique experience.

European Internships can help students find the placement you want. A wide range of sectors are available such as education, communications, teaching languages, healthcare, environmental science, psychology amongst many others…

European Internships works with cities in all European countries thus giving you many options from which you can chose your programme.
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In the last few months, the demand for the Hospitality Management program has noticeably increased, causing us to develop partnerships with businesses from this sector. This allows us to offer a program that is tailored uniquely for you. This program allows participants to live in another country with your accommodation and food provided. Thus you can live and work in Spain, UK, Germany, Italy and other countries without paying living costs! This program is designed for those students who wish to finance their stay and gain work experience in the hotel and/or catering sector.

We offer a selection of Spanish schools that offer great Spanish courses in Spain at reasonable price. Our Quality Spanish courses are accredited by Instituto Cervantes.

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