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Myspanishcouresonline offers courses related to the Spanish language. We provide courses aimed at those who wish to improve their knowledge of the Spanish language, as well as those who wish to be trained in Spanish didactics and improve their qualification as Spanish teachers.

Also, you can find courses for students of Spanish as a foreign language - ELE courses.
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In Myspanishcoursesonline all the content is in both English and Spanish, in order to help facilitate learning and text comprehension. Likewise, communication and tutorials with your teacher can occur in both languages.
The academic program is especially aimed at training teachers of Spanish as a foreign language (ELE). Also, we offer programs for Spanish teachers with experience who wish to acquire new knowledge and to go deeper with more resources and trend within Spanish teaching methods.

imgStudents of Spanish as a foreign language also rely on certain courses in order to improve specific skills in the use of our language or to work with contents and resources from home with help of experienced Spanish language teachers.

Our programs are constantly updated according to the necessities and suggestions received from our students.

The Virtual Classroom section describes what it consists of and what Schools & Courses intend to achieve with distance learning and the E learning project. Equally, you will find a brief description of the benefits of the Virtual Classroom itself.

In the Our Courses section, there is a list of courses which form our training offer, including detailed explanations (in a downloadable PDFs) of what can be contributed to each one of these.

The enrolment into any of the courses is very easy and you can do so directly online in the enrolment section. Also, you can come to us with your queries via the Contact section, and of course you can contribute your opinions and comments on our blog. In this last section we have created a place for people to participate and debate about current topics related to the Spanish language, and where we especially invite new and old students of Spanish to participate.

We offer a selection of Spanish schools that offer great Spanish courses in Spain at reasonable price. Our Quality Spanish courses are accredited by Instituto Cervantes.

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