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Spanish courses combined with an internship: the most fulfilling option according to our student, Es

Esther arrived in Bilbao in February in order to take part in our Hospitality Management program. This young American student, of Swedish origin (she was born in Uppsala) graduated from Meadowdale High School in Washington last year.

Just like many young people her age, she has worked in companies such as Pizza Hut and Cherry le Pon to earn some extra money; but she decided to do this Spanish course abroad when her mother found our website Schoolandcourses online.

 Both women thought that it would be a rewarding experience, as not only would Esther improve her Spanish, but that work experience would be the cherry on top of her experience in Spain, and that Esther would grow as a person while living abroad for a bit.

Although, her linguistic competence in Spanish was pretty low at first, she managed to learn enough in a few weeks in order to be able to successfully express herself in a work environment. It was a bit surprising, because having to travelled to La Fortuna Alajuela in Costa Rica, Esther had a very unusual vocabulary and accent at first.

The strides she made in Spanish at our collaborating center in Bilbao, Instituto Hemingway, was satisfactory. Esther is a very inquisitive student; she would always ask about things she wasn’t sure about, and she would correctly apply whatever she learnt about the Spanish language.

Having finished the Spanish course, she told us that the best thing about the course was being able to study alongside students from all over the world. Her classmates included people from Russia, Germany, China and France.

Her stay in Bilbao was also extremely enjoyable. Esther got involved in all that the center had to offer and took part in the cultural activities. She got to know many people and was left with the impression that in this northern Spanish city, we are all very friendly and sweet. She also joined art classes and continued practising meditation.

She is currently travelling through Spain, before she starts her internship. She has been in Madrid for a few days now, exploring the nooks and crannies in the capital, and soaking up the good weather and the art in the museums which have really taken her fancy.

We wish her all the best and we hope to see her soon and hear all about her experiences.

Best of luck Esther!

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