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Horseriding and Spanish lessons for children in a Summer camp in Spain

Closeteachers is offering a summer camp for children aged 8 -15 years. The camp will take place on a weekly basis from the 23rd of June to the 10th of August 2014. The camp combines horse riding with English or Spanish lessons, sports and outdoor activities.

It is an International camp where children of different nationalities come together to learn to horse ride, enjoy the holidays and the outdoors as well as learning English or Spanish, depending on their nationality.


The camp takes place in Valdegovía (Álava), next to the national park at Valderejo, and is well connected with Vitoria, Logroño, Santander, Burgos and Bilbao.

There is a rich artistic and cultural heritage in this area, with picturesque villages, majestic castles, monasteries in the mountains, watermills, and caves….

It’s a magical place to visit and explore.


The camp takes place entirely at Gaubea Turismo Ecuestre. The stables have beautiful facilities, with green spaces and an excellent cafeteria and dining hall.

•    Living room with dining hall

•    Multipurpose common room

•    Bedrooms with bunk beds

•    Spacious dressing rooms with showers

•    Outdoor spaces for activities and games

•    Pelota court and municipal swimming pool

Horse riding Lessons

Horse riding lessons take place every day in the morning and the evening and combine practical classes, outings, and participation in the daily care of the horses. The children will have the opportunity to learn to ride as a beginner or to improve their existing technique, and will learn to coexist with the horses and nature. The classes take place in the “Gaubea Turismo Ecuestre” which is an equestrian centre situated on the outskirts of the Angosto Campsite, that boasts excellent equestrian facilities, stables and experienced instructors.

•    Maximum 6 horses per class

•    Classes adapted to every child’s level

•    Initiation to jumping and dressage.

•    Feeding: The children take part in the daily task of feeding the horses (types of feed, hay, straw…)

•    Stables: how to make the horses’ bedding, necessary and daily cleaning of the stables.

•    Horse’s hygiene: brush, clean hooves, shower

•    Presentation of the horse: cleaning, braiding mane and tail

•    Equestrian games, gymkhana, vaulting

•    Rides in the country-side

•    Natural horsemanship: Initiation to natural horsemanship techniques and lunging

•    Theoretical and audiovisual workshops

Language classes in English or Spanish

The program includes 2 hours of Spanish class daily from Monday to Friday, taken in small groups. The students will learn and strengthen their knowledge by interactive and dynamic classes.

We are conscious of the fact that taking place in the summer, lots of fun must be had on the camp as well! The classes are friendly and interactive and we reinforce the communication and use of the language within a real context. We foster the meeting of children of different nationalities; a unique opportunity to have an English/Spanish exchange with boys and girls from different countries of origin. Furthermore the instructors will use a mixture of English and Spanish throughout the day to encourage learning.


We carefully select all of our teaching staff. The teachers are natives, with specific training in teaching English or Spanish as a second language. The teachers lead the cultural and sporting activities, which allow the children to keep on improving their language skills outside of the classroom.

Teaching materials

Teaching material will be provided on the first day of teaching.


The camp is completed with cultural activities, sports and trips, in particular swimming.


Our program is designed for the pupils to:

•    Learn and perfect English or Spanish in an intensive way in groups adapted to the level of knowledge of the language.

•    Learn or perfect the technique of horse riding in direct contact with the local nature.

•    Take part in recreational and sporting activities

•    Get to know the natural and cultural richness of the area

•    Foster values such as: independence, responsibility, organization, discipline and team work in a friendly environment.

What the program includes

Accommodation from Sunday to Friday

Full Board (Breakfast, Lunch, Afternoon snack and Dinner)


Teaching Materials

Equipment for Activities

Health and Accident Insurance

24 hour care and watch by monitors and teachers

What to bring

Children should bring to camp:


     2 T-shirts for each day of camp.

     2 Pairs of light trousers.

     Horse riding clothing (if have them), (footwear preferably with a small heel).

     2 Sweatshirts.


     1 Fleece jacket or coat for if the evenings turn cool.


     Swimming Costume.


     Sun Cream.



     Sleeping Bag.

     Toiletries (toothbrush...)

     Raincoat (just in case...)

     Photocopy of social security card.


If the child takes any medication and/or if they have any allergies it is necessary to let the organization know.

Arrival and Departure from the Camp

The children should arrive at the camp on the Sunday from 5pm, and can be collected on the Friday from 4pm or on the Sunday at 1pm, depending on whether you choose a 5 day week (Sunday to Friday) or a 7 day week (Sunday to Sunday).


The camp will take place from the 22nd of June until the 10th of August 2014.

Children can participate in a minimum of one week.

You can choose between a 5 day week (Sunday to Friday) or a 7 day week (Sunday to Sunday).

Price and Registration

400€ per week (Sunday to Friday)

560€ per week (Sunday to Sunday)

10% discount for families who send a second child

Registration should be completed before the 10th of June of 2014. At the time of registering, it is necessary to pay a non-refundable deposit of 20% of the final price. The remaining balance should then be paid before the start of the camp.

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