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Study Spanish in your teacher’s home in Summer.

As many of you must know, our website Closeteachers always has promoted the benefits of studying Spanish at the teacher’s home.

To these benefits, we can add the coming of Summer. If:

-    You feel more comfortable in one to one classes and are motivated by personalized treatment

-    You don’t have many opportunities to express yourselves and want to practice Spanish at your heart’s content.

-    You need to learn at your own pace without being constrained by a set order of contents.

-    You are looking for a language course in a context of total immersion which would meet your specific needs (specific vocabulary for your job, studies or interests)

-    You want a unique experience in a life style which provides you with the best atmosphere for your studies, or if you want a family environment which completes your theoretical learning.

-    You want to learn in a definite and  final way.

We suggest you come to Spain this summer to learn Spanish at your teacher’s home.

What better than sun, beach or mountain, long meals around a big table, outings and the Summer relaxed rhythm of life?

Studying at the teacher’s house in the Summer will allow you to have everything: an efficient Spanish course and a complete immersion in Spain’s summer culture.

Destinations like the North of Spain, with its mild climate, will allow you to study and do outdoor sports. The South of Spain will offer its beaches and it’s Summer party life. In Cataluña you can enjoy the cosmopolitan culture and the huge historical heritage.

You still have not made your mind up? Look at your options at and don’t miss this opportunity.

Study Spanish this summer at your teacher’s house.

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