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Internships: our French interns´ experience

We are three girls who came from France together, to carry out our internship at Instituto Hemingway for a month.
 We started the internship on the 24th of November and we will be here until the 19th of December 2014.

How did you find this internships program?

As part of our two year school course it is compulsory to do two internships . One of these must be in an international setting, you can do them in  your own country or you can go abroad and that is why we chose to come to Spain. Instituto Hemingway attracted our attention because of its variety of tasks, and because we knew students who told us about their experiences here.

What types of activities are you carrying out as part of this internship?

During this internship at Instituto Hemingway we have been doing translations from Spanish to French. To do these we go to different websites and we translate articles on different activities in Bilbao and how the Instituto is involved with them. Now we are starting to do articles and the first one is about us.

Is this your first contact with a work environment or have you done internships before?

Mylène: During my studies, I had the opportunity to do various internships of differing lengths.  This internship in Instituto Hemingway is the first one that I have carried out abroad and as I had already been told about the Instituto I decided to choose it and to come to Spain.

Yessica: In my home country (Colombia) I have never had the opportunity to carry out internships in a professional environment because they are not required. Now that I am living in France, I have had the opportunity to get to know the world of work better acquiring experience in different companies and also with children. Last year I had the opportunity to go to another city in Spain (Tarifa) to do an internship in a tourist office which allowed me to develop my confidence in public speaking.

Amel: I had the opportunity to do internships in France and also in Spain, I did internships in Tarifa in a tourist office and other internships in France in estate agents,  sales departments and with children. I acquired many different skills in the professional world of work in different companies. Now I can better adapt to different situations and I can get to know more Spanish.

What do you hope to achieve from this internship?  

 Mylène: This internship offers me the opportunity to live in another country for a month, learning more about Spanish language and culture. I hope that this internship will have a positive impact on my curriculum.

Yessica:  During this internship I hope to acquire more skills that I will be able to  put into practice after my placement in the world of work. I would also like to meet more people from different cultures.

Amel: During this internship I hope to acquire more experiences and also to gain an in-depth knowledge of Spanish.

I want to  develop other skills at a professional level whilst abroad. I also want to meet more people from different countries, and to gain another perspective on the world of work.

We wish all of them good luck.

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