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Culinary Arts in Spain in English

A culinary arts course is  a perfect way to find out about  the culture and daily life of the country you are living in. Our cooking classes are in English and they are flexible. You can start on any Monday all-year round.  These cooking classes in English in Spain ( 30 hours a month) are complemented by two weeks of Spanish classes (40 hours) and an internship of 60 hours per month in a restaurant.

 This is why our culinary arts program
is intensive, flexible and cheap because of everything that we offer.
You also receive a certificate on finishing the program and a stipend
(200 euros a month whilst you are carrying out the internship). We also
offer accommodation and  the opportunity to participate in leisure and
culture activities organised by the Instituto.  

We also have the option of carrying out internships in the baking, pastry-making and confectionery fields. You can also gain credits if you study in a cooking school.

chefs have experience in haute cuisine  and you are going to learn
about cooking enjoying yourself whilst visiting fresh food markets and
learning about traditional and also modern recipes which showcase the
best of Spanish gastronomy.

We have programmed visits to typical restaurants which will make carrying out your culinary arts, confectionery or baking course with us an unforgettable experience.  

up for a course with us is very easy and you only need to send us your
curriculum vitae, your dates and a completed application form. It does not matter if you do not have experience in culinary arts. You can learn about Spanish cuisine from the very beginning. We have the highest concentration of Michelin star restaurants in the world therefore we know everything you need to learn about Spanish cooking. The secrets of Spanish cooking and its techniques will no longer be kept from you and you will have a great time with us.

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