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The Camino de Santiago walking tours with Camino de Santiago tour companies

We have a Camino de Santiago guide available which includes all our advice. Our Camino de Santiago tour is complete and is split up into weeks ending in Santiago de Compostela. 

you want to save money and experience what life is like for a pilgrim
on the way to Santiago you can sign up for this course at a fantastic

Walking  the Camino de Santiago can be an
enriching experience on a personal level but also stressful if you do
not know your way around Spain, if you do not speak Spanish or if you
are scared of getting lost. To deal with these issues we have created a comprehensive guide and
once you have signed up for our program you will have a telephone  and
email service available to deal with any issues. You pay on a weekly
basis and you can sign up when you want.

You choose where you want to start the tour, how many weeks you want  and when you want to start.

There are several places you can start from: Sant Jean Pied de Port, Logroño, Burgos and Leon.  The Camino de Santiago ( the Way of St. James) is not very long and you can finish it in approximately 4 weeks.  The pilgrimage to Compostela allows you to earn forgiveness for your sins (i.e. a plenary indulgence) and a certificate.

Our program includes:
•    Breakfast and snacks during the Camino and a pilgrim´s dinner
•    Accommodation for pilgrims in hostels
•    A bilingual guide
•    A welcome dinner
•    Support throughout the Camino to deal with any unexpected occurrences : treatment for blisters and to relieve muscle pain.
•    The presentation of certificates at the end of the program.

Price per week per person: 900 Euros
Special group prices: ask us for more information.

Walking the Way of St. James  is affordable  thanks to our prices. At the end of each week we will have a test on the Way of St. James where we will ask you things about the walking we have done during the week and everybody will receive prizes.

 You will also receive a certificate each week for having fulfilled part of your dream.  After finishing the Camino de Santiago you will be a changed person and our Camino de Santiago tours have the lowest prices. With our tours for an additional 100 euros you can also have support via skype to prepare for your trip including an orientation program and packing tips.

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