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Special Offers: Summer 2018: Spanish courses and Surf classes

Offer for summer 2018: Surf and Spanish course in the North of Spain!

The summer sun is coming, which means the surfing season is just around the corner. What better country than Spain is there to catch some waves and enjoy the beach? If you are keen on the idea of studying Spanish and learning to surf, or improving, you should look no further!

You can combine a Spanish course with surf classes, all in a well-structured timetable. Mundaka, with the best waves in Europe, as well as Sopela, La Salvaje and Arrietara are only some of the amazing beaches that you can enjoy in the Basque Country.

We can offer you Spanish classes and fun surf courses at very competitive prices:
• 1 week: sign-up fee (60 euros) + 20 hours of Spanish classes (150 euros) + 10 hours of surfing classes (110 euros) = 320 euros
• 2 weeks: sign-up fee (60 euros) + 40 hours of Spanish classes (300 euros) +10 hours of surfing classes (110 euros) = 470 euros
• 3 weeks: sign-up fee (60 euros) + 60 hours of Spanish classes (450 euros) + 20 hours of surfing classes (220 euros) = 730 euros
As you can see, our packages are flexible. The price includes all teaching materials. The equipment and board are included for the surf classes, as well as the supervision and guidance of our professional instructors.
If you need accommodation, we can offer you shared flats, accommodation with a host family or in a student residence.

What are you waiting for? Come and have a great summer with us! If you have any questions or you would like to sign up, please send us an email

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Jan 25 8:03:38

Thank you for sharing the blog and the summer classes details.... sure this will help us...

Apr 17 8:39:20

Thanks for sharing the blogs but I want to know the 2018 summer classes

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