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Internship experience in Spain in June 2019

We are Léa and Clémentine, two students of the IUT Marketing Techniques of Bordeaux (France). We did a 4-week internship in an Spanish school Spain. During the first week, we participate in Spanish courses with very friendly teachers who really inspire learning, and other students from all over the world.

Then, for three weeks, we were interns. We had many varied missions, impossible to get bored! Our missions were adapted to our studies in the field of commerce: we were fortunate to be able to propose some improvements in the visual identity of the school, we wrote articles on very varied topics, we supervise exams, we take care of the reception, the reception of clients, We supervise sightseeing tours and much more!

What we learn from this wonderful practice at the school cannot be summarized. We worked with great people, met people from all over the world (Italy, China, Germany, Russia, USA, ...) and we were able to compare our life experiences and discover new cultures, which was very interesting.

Finally, doing a month of practice at in a warm atmosphere was a very enriching, cosmopolitan and formative experience, from which we only got positive because we learned a lot, both personally and professionally. We recommend everyone to come and take Spanish courses or do an internship here!

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