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Courses of Spanish for Japanese students

We have courses of Spanish for Japanese students from a week to one year. Would you like to get to know the secrets of coming and learning Spanish and having the best time of your life?We have teachers of Spanish who speak Japanese and know the Japanese culture. We help you with all the documents for the Visa and we provide you an health insurance. We tell you where you can learn better Spanish and...


Long duration Spanish courses at good prices

The long duration Spanish courses are a good way to study Spanish in Spain if you want to stay or live here or want to work or get ready to get into a Spanish University. Our Spanish courses last 20 hours per week in the mornings and with as interview on your needs and your level of Spanish we get some aims. Your long duration Spanish course follows the philosophy of our school: flexibility....


Baking and pastry internships in Spain and culinary arts

The paid externship program in Spain: is a good way to get to stay in Spain, learn about the Spanish cuisine and, if you need, combine it with a Spanish course. Our program is as flexible as you need to be. You can start when you want and you choose the dates and the period of your staying. You will have a Spanish cook that will teach you all the secrets...


Jobs in Spain for Americans

If you are from the United States and would like to spend some time in Spain, count on us. We help you to sign up in a Spanish course and later we find a job for you teaching English or working as a digital editor or teaching English in Spain. We also have summer jobs in Spain and our...


Subsidised Spanish Courses through the Tripartite Foundation (la Fundación Tripartite)

The subsidised Spanish courses are offered by our school in conjunction with the Tripartite Foundation(La Fundación Tripartite). You can apply for them through this foundation if you live in Spain. We offer language courses in companies or in our school.  Our language teachers have extensive experience and they will adapt to your...


Walking the Camino de Santiago

If  you are going to do or you have done the Camino de Santiago and you want to form part of an association which promotes this experience in your city we suggest that you become a Spanish and Camino promotional representative in your city.You could choose a bar or restaurant to meet up with fellow representatives, members of the promotional association and people who are interested in the Camino or in learning Spanish arranging to gather there once a month after consulting with...


The Camino de Santiago walking tours with Camino de Santiago tour companies

We have a Camino de Santiago guide available which includes all our advice. Our Camino de Santiago tour is complete and is split up into weeks ending in Santiago de Compostela. If you want to save money and experience what life is like for a pilgrim on the way to Santiago you can sign up for this course at a fantastic price. Walking  the Camino de Santiago can be an enriching...


Reviews of Spanish Schools in Spain

When it comes to choosing a Spanish school in Spain future students really take into account the reviews of former students. In our experience we know that when you choose an intensive Spanish course the number one decision you make...


Culinary Arts in Spain in English

A culinary arts course is  a perfect way to find out about  the culture and daily life of the country you are living in. Our cooking classes are in English and they are flexible. You can start on any Monday...


DELE Exam Dates for the Instituto Cervantes Diplomas

 The dates have now been released for the 2015 official DELE ( Diploma of Spanish as a Foreign Language) exams which accredit your level of Spanish. network of DELE exam centres has more than 900 centres in more than 100...


We offer a selection of Spanish schools that offer great Spanish courses in Spain at reasonable price. Our Quality Spanish courses are accredited by Instituto Cervantes.

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