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The Spanish language in excellent shape

Nearly 20 million people study Spanish as a foreign language. The ABC newspaper published an interesting group of articles in its 3 August 2014 edition based on the Spanish language, its future prospects, and the opportunities that Spanish offers as...


Internships: Tourism in Salamanca

Three Cypriot interns explain to us how they combine their internships with tourism during the weekend, all the while practising their Spanish:During our three month internship programme in Spain, we are combining our work duties with visits to different cities....


Internships: Ela and Fatma’s experience

During the last few weeks, we have played host to Fatma and Ela who are here as part of the Internships in Spanish Companies programme. Coming from France, they are now fully settled, not only in the company, but also...


Internships: The experiences of Eleni, Rodothea and Chloe

For a few weeks now, we’ve being playing host to Eleni, Rodothea and Chloe, who are here as part of European Internship’s placement scheme. Despite having only just come from Cyprus, they are now fully integrated, not only into their...


Long-term Spanish courses: friendship and learning.

Last Monday, in one of our schools in Bilbao, we said goodbye (or better, see you soon) to two students who had studied Spanish for six months, Wiebke and Jane. They both started the same week and have learnt side...


Learn Spanish and work: Update on our professional internships service.

In recent months we at European Internships have been working in order to improve our service that offers internships in professional companies. We think that this new proposal covers all the areas in which students are interested in.Learning Spanish whilst...


Spanish teachers: 10 tips for your first class

As you may well know, one of our services is training Spanish as a foreign language teachers (ELE). But we also have courses aimed to help you throughout your career.1. Punctuality is essential; our students of the Spanish language deserve...


Online and face-to-face classes: Elena Aiupova’s experience.

Our Spanish classes have played host to Elena Aiupova for quite a while now. This student of the Spanish language also teaches English and Russian by Skype and she tells us about her experience in both fields.Elena, what has your...



In this short blog post, we’ll answer your most frequently asked questions about our A2 Spanish conversation classes. Who is this A2 Spanish conversation class aimed at?The course is aimed at foreign students interested in strengthening and improving their Spanish...


Horseriding and languages courses during the Summer

Closeteachers is putting on an amazing summer camp for children from the ages of 8 to 15, where they can learn horseriding and English.As part of our summer courses, your children will have daily English classes with qualified teachers, and...


We offer a selection of Spanish schools that offer great Spanish courses in Spain at reasonable price. Our Quality Spanish courses are accredited by Instituto Cervantes.

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